Reserve Dining at WB Kitchen Atelier and Kitchen&Bar

There are two dining places available in WB.

WB Kitchen Atelier at flagship store 2F, 3F(including private lounge room & indoor terrace for groups) & Hanok annex(private room)

and WB Kitchen&Bar at the K-twin Tower.

우드앤브릭 레스토랑은 두 곳이 있습니다(WB 본점 키친 아뜰리에 & WB 키친앤바).

식사 예약을 희망하시는 고객께서는 아래 명시된 번호로 예약 부탁드립니다.

또한 Instagram (ID : wood_and_brick) DM 을 통해 예약도 가능합니다.


Please call us to make a reservation.

or Send a DM via Instagram


WB Kitchen Atelier: +82 2 7471592
WB Kitchen & Bar +82 2 7309663


Catering Service & Venue Rental

WB provides a high quality of freshly ready-made catering food and a delivery service.

We also arrange special events for your special occasion at our venues with full catering service (only for group of people).

– WB Restaurant at Jae-Dong (flagship store)
– WB Kitchen & Bar at the K-twin Tower

우드앤브릭에서는 프리미엄 케이터링 서비스를 운영합니다. WB만의 정통 이탈리안식의 케이터링 메뉴들을 만나보세요 (배달 필요시엔 배달 가능).
또한 단체 모임 또는 특별한 이벤트(단체)를 위해 사전 예약시 대관해드립니다. 매장 내 케이터링 서비스 또한 주문 가능합니다.

– WB 레스토랑 재동점(본점)
– WB 키친앤바 더케이트윈타워점


Catering Service with Delivery

Opening a Special Event at WB

WB offers the special catering menus prepared from our masterchefs. We try our best to bring you the most adequate & satisfactory menus for your special occasion.
Or other preferable menus can be prepared in advance.


For any other inquiries, please call us +82 2 747 1134.