Story of Wood and Brick

The first Wood and Brick appeared in 1987 at Gwanghwamun, combining an authentic European restaurant with a
bakery that presented an array of top-notch bread, cakes and pastries, together with recommendations for enjoying
these in various healthy ways as either accompanying a main dish or light refreshment in themselves.

The renovation of the entire building in 1998 included an innovative open kitchen on the ground floor from which
superb Italian food was produced under the guidance of Chef Park Heon Jin, formerly Executive Chef at ‘La Fontana’
in the Shilla Hotel (and currently a Professor at Young-San University). This prompted a rapturous response from our
Korean and foreign customers alike.

In 2006 we completed construction of our flagship emporium at Bukchon in Jae-dong, the composite of a modern
building and a traditional Korean house (Hanok), where food and setting blend European culture and native architecture.
The cafe and bakery fills the ground floor and the capacious restaurant is found on the floor above.

In 2014 the WB Kitchen opened in ‘Tower 8’ Building at Gwanghwamun to offer brunch, tapas and other such straight forward
and easy-going fare, as ever attached to the WB bakery with all that this provides.

With the opening in summer 2017 of à la mode WB Kitchen & Bar at the K-Twin Tower Building near Gyeongbokgung Palace,
and the arrival of Italian chef Aprea Biagio from Rome’s Hotel Radisson, WB restaurant has been awarded
the OSPITALITA ITALIANA quality seal recognized by the Italian government.

Wood and Brick thus leads the way in promoting a healthy and exuberant western dining culture by keenly observing
custom while keeping abreast of the times, rising inventively to every new challenge, and serving an exquisite meal.