The Real Kitchen with Real Food.

WB dining started along with european WB bakery at the center of seoul, Gwanghwamun in 1987.

Since its opening, it was well-recognized and received warm welcome from foreigners for its quality of food within artistic and cultural surroundings.



We always try to explore and communicate with our customers to bring you the most authentic Italian dining with strictly selected fresh ingredients at the best condition.

You can meet WB dining at the WB Kitchen Atelier 2F of flagship store in Jae-Dong, and WB Kitchen&Bar at the K-twin Tower in Gwanghwamun.

WB Kitchen Atelier is newly opened with new space & look. Also Atelier special menus are added along with dining menus.


(Recently refurbished. new WB Kitchen Atelier 2F main hall)


Dining & Cultural Space


“Indulge all your senses with our food, music and art.”


WB Kitchen Atelier at Jaedong(flagship 2&3F) started since 2003.

The dining space consists of cozy main hall, outdoor terrace(2F), special VIP lounge room(3F), a space for group in third floor indoor terrace  and special Hanok (Korean Traditional house) annex for special VIPs.

 Authentic but trendy menus had been upgraded to keep up with customer’s favours and taste.

A wide selection of wines, natural wines, draft beer, and other drinks are ready to be served.


It is a perfect place to enjoy your meal within art & music surroundings.


–     s e e   o u r  W B  K i t c h e n  A t e l i e r   M e n u s     –


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